"Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention"

Editor-in-Chief: Damian Szlachter PhD
Secretary: Agnieszka Dębska


The biannual “Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention” is a scientific journal established in 2021, devoted to interdisciplinary issues related to anti-terrorist protection and building resilience to terrorist threats in the national and international perspectives.

The biannual “Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention” is meant to be a platform for the exchange of scientific ideas and experience, connecting the academic world and representatives of institutions and services that cooperate with each other within the Interministerial Team for Terrorist Threats, which is the coordination centre of the anti-terrorist system of the Republic of Poland.

The topics of the articles cover a wide range of areas related to terrorist threats as well as methods of reacting and building resilience to such threats, concerning both states and international organizations. Terrorist prevention issues constitute a very important part of the journal.

Authors of the articles are officers of the Internal Security Agency and other uniformed services of the Republic of Poland, academics from universities, scientific institutions and research centers as well as specialists in fields related to the protection of national security. The Academic Editorial Board and reviewers (both national and international) supervise the scientific rigor of the articles.

The biannual “Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention” is indexed in ERIH PLUS and ICI Journals Master List databases.

The access to the articles is free of charge. The journal is distributed, among others, to state administration bodies, libraries of state institutions’ training centers and universities which teach in the fields related to security.

The articles in “Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention” are published open access under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International) licence.

The biannual “Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention” is published in Polish and English.

The biannual “Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention” is available on Scientific Journals Online portal of Jagiellonian University (https://www.ejournals.eu/Terroryzm/).

Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention (No. 5)

Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention (No. 4)

Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention (No. 3)

Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention (No. 2)

Terrorism – studies, analyses, prevention (No. 1)

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