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About ISA

The Internal Security Agency (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego)  is a government institution which protects the internal security of the Republic of Poland and its citizens. Its primary objective is to know as much and as early as possible in order to effectively neutralise threats to the State’s internal security.

The ISA’s status of a special service as well as its tasks and powers are regulated by a single law – the Internal Security Agency and Foreign Intelligence Agency Act of 24 May 2002. The ISA carries out its duties following both the spirit (rule) of legalism and the rule of law, which are characteristic of every single act undertaken by ISA officers.

Our experience in the collection and analysis of information significant from the point of view of the State security enables us to carry out our tasks set out by statute. As a special service we have both operational and investigative powers. Our cadre comprises mostly of university graduates from elite faculties who are highly qualified and share appropriate ethical standards to carry out the tasks important for the State security. Moreover, our qualities are patriotism and respect for the nation's history.



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